Invoice Finance Referral Program with Butn

— Refer your clients to register for the Invoice Finance solution with MYOB, and everyone can benefit from Butn’s embedded cashflow solution.
The benefit
Receive $500 *
for any client you refer that registers
and processes $5000+ in invoices.​

* Terms and conditions apply

Core benefits

Why refer your clients to Butn?

Fast, Secure and Simple cash flow to your client

Seamless registration from within the MYOB platform. Get set up in minutes!

Fully Integrated & Supported

MYOB & Butn bring the product into the ecosystem and offer one-stop support.

Flexible and Selective

Ability to select which invoices to fund. No minimums, no monthly fees, it’s a useful tool to have.

Businesses that fund with Butn today.

— Hear from customers using Butn's powerful cash flow solutions today.