Invoices paid in an instant

— Get paid as soon as your goods and services are delivered with advanced payments.
30 days turned into 30 seconds.
The Why
Get paid faster
for invoices raised to your customers
with business invoice funding.

Core Benefits

Don't wait for money already earned, use those funds to grow your business

Improved Cash Flow

Access funds needed to pay suppliers, invest in growth, and meet other expenses.

Improve Working Capital Management

Invoice finance can help businesses better manage their working capital and invest in growth initiatives.

Faster access to Funding

Compared to traditional bank loans and overdrafts, Butn can provide faster access to funding.

Flexible Funding

Ability to select which invoices to fund. No minimums, no monthly fees, it’s a useful tool to have.


Celebrating Success with Partners
Businesses that fund with Butn today.

— Hear from customers using Butn's powerful cash flow solutions today.

Frequently Asked questions


— The common questions we get from our partners.

I have another question
What is Butn X?

Butn X describes any funding where Butn provides cash up front against an invoice or receivable that our clients expect to receive sometime in the future.

Also known as Invoice Finance, Debtor Finance, Selective Invoice finance, Factoring.

What is Invoice financing and Butn X?

Invoice financing lets you borrow money based on what your clients owe you. Leverage your unpaid invoices to access cashflow without waiting for your clients to pay.

How does Butn's invoice finance solution work?

With Butn, you can choose which of your eligible invoices you want an advance on and get up to 85% of the invoice value funded (minus funding fees) within minutes of sending through a funding request.

I have a platform, how does a partnership integration work for my users?

Butn is integrated into your platform, making it easy for your clients to request advance payments within your existing ecosystem.

Users simply select the invoice they want to fund (or create a new one), then click the 'Fund this invoice' button to kick things off.

How long will it take to apply for funding?

Butn’s fully automated registration module allows complete client registration in as quickly as 5 minutes.

How quickly cash I get cash into my bank account?

Once registered and a transaction is sent through for assessment; approval is a matter of minutes, with payments being made via NPP (new payments platform) which is reflected in your bank account seconds thereafter.

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