Frictionless payments and collections

— All your accounts receivables, automated.
From onboarding to collections.
The Why
Take back all your time
and outsource the expertise
needed for credit assessments and collections

Get paid on completion of services or provision of goods,
while also giving your customers more time to pay.

Our Partners
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Core Benefits

Why worry about money you have already made.

Give your customers flexible terms

Give more flexible terms to your customers, while you get paid on day 1.

Automated Integration

For your customers, credit transactions will become a streamlined one-click experience.

Stop playing the cat & mouse game.

Let us handle the tricky task of collection.

De-risk your business

Alleviate outstanding receivables.We provide the credit assessments and take on the credit risk.


Celebrating Success with Partners

Ben Lipshitz - FoodByUs

Co-Founder & CEO

"What set Butn apart is that its technology seamlessly integrated into our platform and provided the payment solution that our customers required...This in turn has saved us time, money and resources.

It truly is a Win-Win-Win partnership for all parties involved"

Integrate the way you want.

Use our react app, integrate via salesforce, or get funded as a business

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without loosing full visibility

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Frequently asked questions


— The common questions we get from our partners.

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What is Butn Terms?

Butn Terms allows you to provide extended payment terms to your clients without managing the credit assessment of your clients or collections when they have not paid on time.

Why offer Butn Terms?

Butn Terms enables organisations to outsource all their accounts receivables, including onboarding through to payments and collections.

What are the repayment terms and how flexible can the repayment terms be?

We are able to offer payment terms from 7 days to 90 days, depending on the products/services provided and what may work best for our partner and your clients.

How long would it take for me to get set up to offer my clients terms?

We’re able to get set up within a week. More complex technical integrations may take several weeks based on your system requirements.

Funding Solutions

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