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— Purchase goods and services instantly.
Choose the repayment terms to suit your business.
The Why
Pay for goods and services instantly
with flexible payment options
and spend more time growing your business.

Core Benefits

Let us pay your suppliers and provide you with flexible repayment terms so you can focus on growing your business.

Give yourself flexible payment terms

Let Butn pay your suppliers, allowing you more favourable payment terms to manage cash flow challenges.

Automated Integration

Pay your supplier invoices from within our ecosystem.

Competitive Advantage

Helps you negotiate early settlement discounts.

De-risk your business

Ability to select which invoices to fund. No minimums, no monthly fees, it’s a useful tool to have.

Frequently asked questions


— The common questions we get from our partners.

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What is Butn Pay?

Butn Pay is where Butn pays any invoice or bill on our client's behalf, providing them with extended payment terms.

Also known as Trade Finance or Pay Later for business.

How can I use Butn Pay in my business?

Allow Butn to pay your suppliers for goods delivered or services rendered and obtain additional payment terms allowing you to complete or sell the goods before having to Pay Butn back, improving your working capital system and allowing you to grow your business.

How long will does it take to apply for funding?

Butn’s fully automated registration module allows complete client registration in as quickly as 5 minutes.

Can I offer Butn Pay to my clients to use to pay me?

This is effectively our Butn Terms product which allows you to outsource all accounts receivables including credit vetting, onboarding and collections, allowing you to not worry about late payers or bad debts and focus on running your business.

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