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— It's no secret we're growing, and right now every team member is actively defining the future of our Platform.

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What is Butn up to?

As of 2023, we leading in the race of an amazing growth opportunity. Transforming the business-to-business finance landscape, and this is to the same degree that buy-now-pay-later had done for consumer finance.

A core ingredient in attacking this opportunity is expanding our in-house product and engineering team. However to deliver on something truly innovative, we have been striving to slowly and carefully build the team and  platform from the ground up!

We have already begun rebuilding old systems and re-evaluating processes that will eventually be left behind in finance industry.

Culture and Values

A one of a kind Butn

— Butn will always be laser focused on growth and investing in innovation.

Family Friendly
We all understand the importance of our individual lives and loved ones.

At Butn we do our best to not only accomodate but optimise each of our individual situations so we can perform our best together.
Transparency & Trust
We are not just based in Australia. The culture at Butn does truly reflect its values in being straight forward and practical, in the spirit of getting things done & doing it with kindess.
Flexible & Personal
Whether you are in Sydney or Melbourne, we have roots in both. Each office has its on sub-culture, so have a chat to us to see which may be a better fit for you.
Quarterly Events
With most our team being almost evenly split between Melbourne and Sydney, our quarterly events have been a cornerstone to keeping the Butn team candid and creative.
Butn operational diagram

Interested on how Butn works?

Many of our current team members had questions on this topic and so we have begun to make resources into explaining how the 'plug and play
technology is able to seamlessly integrate into existing systems and processes.