Transforming Carrier Payments: How Butn and Ofload's Partnership Transforming the Supply Chain Industry

In the world of supply chain management, innovation and collaborationare key to driving success and efficiency. One company that has experiencedtremendous growth and success through a strategic partnership is Ofload, anend-to-end supply chain platform. 

In this video testimonial, Mark Williams, the VP of FinTech at Ofload,shares their remarkable journey and how their collaboration with Butn, anembedded financial technology partner, has helped change the way carriers arepaid and elevated the level of service they can offer.

Let's dive into the details of their partnership and discover how it ishelping the supply-chain transport industry get paid faster.

Key Takeaways 

  1. Enhancing Carrier Payments:
    The supply chain industry has historically faced challenges with how carriers are paid for their services. Ofload recognised this pain point and aimed to provide a solution that enables carriers to access immediate payment for their services. Butn proved to be the perfect partner, offering seamless integration and support throughout the process.
  2. Two and a Half Years of Seamless Collaboration:
    The partnership between Ofload and Butn has been going strong for over two and a half years. During this time, the integration of various products has been remarkably seamless, enhancing the way carriers can access cash very quickly and easily.
  3. Simplifying the Process: 
    One of the most significant impacts of this partnership has been the simplicity of the entire integration process. Carriers can now access their payments quickly and easily through the integrated tech stack, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  4. Evolutionary Journey and Ongoing Innovation: 
    The collaboration with Butn has been a catalyst for Ofload's evolutionary journey. The partnership's success has encouraged Ofload to continually develop and offer new products to its customer base, further improving their supply chain services.


Ofload's partnership with Butn is an excellent example of how collaboration and innovation can revolutionise an industry. Through seamless integration, efficient tech stack delivery, and a focus on simplifying the payment process, they have enhanced the supply chain experience for carriers and large companies. 

As the partnership continues to evolve and offer new products, the future looks promising for Ofload, and their journey with Butn serves as an inspiration for others in the supply chain sector.

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Date published
July 25, 2023