29 November 2021, Melbourne, Australia: Butn, has been named #73 on the Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) Fast 100 list for 2021.

The AFR Fast 100 list tracks the fastest 100 growing companies in Australia, reviewing several criteria including revenue, business model and time in business. Butn was named for its unique cash flow funding solution that is seamlessly integrated into partner technology platforms, providing businesses with fast, transparent funding.

Butn Co-CEO and Founder, Rael Ross thanked the team for their contribution for Butn’s success over the past years and their involvement in making Butn one of the fastest growing companies in Australia. Rael said, “Butn has achieved several milestones since its inception in 2015, growing rapidly in the SMB space and processing over $700 million worth of business funding.

Our recent listing on the Australian Stock Exchange solidified our accomplishments and put us on the radar as a fast growing fintech player in Australia. Our adaptable technology stack has been a key driver of our growth and has accelerated our revenue and increasingly proved invaluable to our customers and partners.

“We are extremely excited to have been named in the Fast 100 list as it highlights the success of our unique approach to customer and partner acquisitions.

Our finance solutions are quickly becoming a genuine funding alternative for the under-served SMB community and an option that our partners are keen to access and customise according to their needs.

We have sound foundations and a strong growth plan in place that is gaining momentum. I would like to thank our team for driving this success and look forward to continuing this growth into 2022.”

For further information please contact:

Rael Ross, Joint CEO and Exec Director                      
Investor Relations: investors@butn.co

Media Tristan Everett, Market Eye