The hospitality industry is a vital part of our economy, constantly innovating as new technologies and solutions emerge to meet the needs of businesses and consumers.  

One such development is the new partnership between Butn, a leading fintech platform, and FoodByUs, Australia's #1 hospitality and food marketplace that connects restaurants with wholesale suppliers.   

FoodByUs partners with Butn

This partnership enables FoodByUs to provide outsourced payment terms to its customers to help them overcome cash flow challenges and grow their operations, demonstrating the power of innovative fintech solutions to drive growth and innovation in the hospitality industry.

As FoodByUs continued to grow, the company wanted to find a way to offer its customers a range of payment terms by partnering with the very best business trade financing fintech partners.  

To address these challenges, FoodByUs turned to Butn, a digital platform that enables businesses to access fast and flexible funding to manage their cash flow. Butn uses data-driven technology to evaluate businesses' creditworthiness and provide funding based on their future cash flows. 

FoodByUs CEO Ben Lipschitz explains,

"What set Butn apart is that its technology seamlessly integrated into our platform and provided the payment solution that our customers required.

It has allowed FoodByUs to offer value-added solutions to our customers without having to leave the FoodByUs site, building the technology out for ourselves or use our capital to fund these options.

This, in turn, has saved us time, money and resources. It truly is a Win-Win-Win partnership for all parties involved”.  

Butn's services have enabled FoodByUs to expand its operations and bring more value to its customers. With Butn's support, FoodByUs has been able to grow its customer base and expand its services to new markets, helping to drive innovation and growth in the hospitality industry. 

Hospitality continues to evolve with supportive technology solutions.

In conclusion, Butn is a game-changer for businesses in the hospitality industry, providing fast and flexible funding that enables them to manage their cash flow and seize new opportunities. FoodByUs is a perfect example of how Butn is helping businesses in this industry to grow and innovate, bringing new value to customers and driving economic growth.  

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, fintech solutions will play an increasingly critical role in helping businesses to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.